Author shares brother’s story as Korean POW

CHARLOTTE – Charlotte resident Helen Green Leigh shares details about the 37 months her brother, Pharis Greene, spent in captivity during the Korean War in “Sacrifices for Patriotism: A Korean POW Remembers the Forgotten War.”

Leigh writes of her brother’s personal experiences from the beginning to the end of the Korean War and recalls how he endured challenges and miraculously survived.

Some of the stories include:

• He witnessed his new commander, Col. Martin, being cut in half by a Russian tank after engaging in a street fight with only a bazooka to defend himself.

• Less than 40 yards separated Pharis from his higher-ranking officer, 2nd Lt. Thornton, when a North Korean madman dubbed “The Tiger” shot him in the back of the head on the infamous Death March.

• Pharis stood in front of a firing squad three times.

The 240-page book, published by Balboa Press, is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

“I’ve always wanted to tell my brother’s miraculous story, but felt that I wasn’t qualified until God asked me to be his messenger and tell the world how He protected Pharis and brought him home safely,” she said.

She founded an insurance agency, wholesale business, and underground utility construction company. She also raised two children, Dawn and Derek.

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