Coulwood welcomes new principal Rachel Goldberg

CHARLOTTE – Coulwood Middle School recently welcomed new principal Rachel Goldberg.

Rachel Goldberg

Previously the zone support coordinator for the school system’s central secondary learning zone and a curriculum resource teacher for the East learning community, she jumped at the opportunity to get back into a school.

“I missed having a group of students to call my own,” she said. “I missed feeling like I had one central home.”

And though she has only been there a month, she already feels at home in Coulwood’s halls.

“Coulwood is one of Charlotte’s best kept secrets,” Goldberg said. “Within the first three days I was here, I felt like I had come home. It just has that kind of culture about it.”

Goldberg wants to maintain the sense of community and the unique culture of the school while she works toward achieving new goals for it, like raising student achievement scores.  “We are so close in some areas, and I think it’s just about having some curriculum direction from administration.”

While at the learning zone, Goldberg was primarily responsible for working with middle school principals and instructors on curriculum. She is grateful for the experience and feels that it prepared her well for her new job.

“In CMS I’ve had the best bosses and leaders to work with. I feel like everything I’ve done thus far has prepared me for this job.”

Goldberg also has experience teaching in the classroom and is aware of the unique needs and challenges middle school students face.

“At this age, students are going through a lot of changes,” she said. “You have the ability to help students develop a sense of respect for themselves and for others.

“Things are so crazy in the outside world,” she said, “and school needs to be a place they see as safe.”

At the same time, she said, they also need to focus on academics and develop the skills they need, particularly in language arts and math. The track to being successful in those subjects in high school starts in middle school, she said. “Students’ middle school years are affecting graduation rates.”

“They need to see school as the connection to their future,” she said.

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