Charlotte officials educate district parents about child safety

CHARLOTTE – In honor of National Missing Children’s Day, May 25, Take 25, a national grassroots movement to heighten awareness of the issues surrounding missing and exploited children, encouraged Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools parents to take 25 minutes to talk to their children about ways to be safer and establish an ongoing dialogue about safety.

On May 24, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Chief Rodney D. Monroe, Assistant Special Agent of the FBI Jody Norris and Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Superintendent Peter Gorman gathered at First Ward Creative Arts Academy to remind parents of the importance of a simple, yet effective 25-minute conversation.

“Parents, communicate with your child. Be vigilant,” Monroe said. “Get the names, addresses and phone numbers of your child’s friends and their parents. It becomes a crisis when you don’t know and it’s frightening if you don’t have information available.”

Norris asked parents to be aware of their child’s internet activity. “The internet is a target-rich environment,” Norris said. “Children are communicating internationally through video games and social networks. Know that at this time of year, there are many more opportunities to reach children. Parents, communicate with law enforcement if you think there is anything suspicious.”

“As summer comes, there is no better time to Take 25 and speak with your child,” said Dr. Gorman. “In Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, our law enforcement staff is participating in the Take 25 campaign by sharing information and materials without parent-teacher groups and planning activities at various locations. These materials include safety resources, safety tips and ways to talk to your child about safety.”

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