Walking in a gingerbread wonderland

Kendal Clement said her favorite part of creating her gingerbread house was getting to eat the candy.

First-graders at Oakdale Elementary School in Charlotte rang in the holiday season while learning about neighborhoods by constructing their own gingerbread village. Complete with a candy-coated school, park, mosque and train, the village consists of more than 100 gingerbread houses constructed by individual students.

First-grade teacher Amber Davis said teachers integrated the project into the student’s social study curriculum, which explores the workings of neighborhoods. The project is currently displayed in the school’s front lobby, where it will remain until Christmas break begins. (Tori Hamby/MIM photos)

Students even made a candy model of their own school.

No gingerbread village would be complete without a park. The trees were created using ice cream cones and green frosting.

Nicholas Johnson (left) and Neko Brown (right) show off their gingerbread houses. “I liked putting the icing on,” Nicholas said.

Amani Sonpon made her gingerbread house using graham crackers, icing, gumdrops, chocolate and more.

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