SAT scores fall at area schools

By Angela Poffenbaugh

North Carolina reported gains in the SAT and inched closer to the national average, according to results recently released by the N.C. Department of Public Instruction.

While the national average remained the same as last year’s with a score of 1,498, North Carolina’s average combined SAT score increased 10 points to 1,479.

North Carolina seniors posted averages of 495 in Critical Reading, 506 in Mathematics and 478 in Writing. Critical Reading and Writing scores both increased from last year, while the Mathematics score remained the same.

Comparatively, the national averages were reported to be 496 in Critical Reading, 514 in Mathematics and 488 in Writing.

Calculations show that 58,100 seniors across North Carolina took the SAT test in 2013. The number dropped 8.2 percent from the previous year, but a vast majority of college-bound students favored the admissions test, according to state officials.

Scores varied greatly across Lake Norman.

While Lake Norman Charter’s score increased, other schools’ average scores dropped.

Here’s how area schools performed:

East Gaston High: Deceasing by 67 points since 2012, SAT scores averaged 502 in Math, 483 in Critical Reading and 478 in Writing, totaling 1463 overall.

Hopewell High: Decreasing by 18 points since 2012, SAT scores averaged 467 in Math, 459 in Critical Reading and 446 in Writing, totaling 1,372 overall.

Hough High: Decreasing by 10 points since 2012, SAT scores averaged 534 in Math, 520 in Critical Reading and 498 in Writing, totaling 1,552 overall.

Lake Norman Charter: Increasing by 3 points since 2012, SAT scores averaged 544 in Math, 532 in Critical Reading and 521 in Writing, totaling 1,597 overall.

Lincoln Charter: Increasing by 20 points since 2012, SAT scores averaged 537 in Math, 519 in Critical Reading and 510 in Writing, totaling 1,566 overall.

North Mecklenburg High: Decreasing by 35 points since 2012, SAT scores averaged 487 in Math, 487 in Critical Reading and 472 in Writing, totaling 1,446 overall.

Pine Lake Preparatory: Increasing by 8 points since 2012, SAT scores averaged 557 in Math, 548 in Critical Reading and 515 in Writing, totaling 1,620 overall.

• West Mecklenburg High: Decreasing by 12 points since 2012, SAT scores averaged 421 in Math, 409 in Critical Reading and 393 in Writing, totaling 1223 overall.

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