Animal control considers waiving civil fines

GASTONIA – In an effort to help encourage more spays and neuters, Animal Control is set to consider waiving some civil fines in lieu of violators getting their pets fixed.

Currently, persons issued civil citations for various animal-related infractions are given 15 days to appeal or pay the fine. Those include failure to have an animal vaccinated against rabies or violations of the County’s leash law.

As part of the appeal process for less serious offenses, Animal Control Administrator Reggie Horton intends to offer violators the option to obtain spay or neuter surgery for their pet and, in return, the fines associated with the citation would be waived.

“We entertain quite a variety of reasons owners give upon appealing a citation, some more compelling than others,” Horton said. “I’m interested in giving consideration and incentive to pet owner’s to do the right thing and have their pets fixed.”

While many fines increase based on an owner’s prior violations, penalties can reach thousands of dollars. “With low-cost surgery options available, spaying or neutering your pet can be a far cheaper alternative compared to the fines,” Horton said.  Horton hopes the dollar savings may prove an additional incentive to have pets fixed.

A first-time violation for failing to vaccinate carries a $60 fine and failure to display a county license is $30.  Compare that $90 citation to a $55 or $65 female dog spay and it’s easy to see the savings. You’ve also alleviated the worry of an unwanted litter and potentially helped reduce the burden of animal intake at Animal Control.

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