Riverbend station’s discharge hearing is Oct. 19

Environmental groups call for tighter restrictions

North Carolina’s Division of Water Quality is holding a public hearing in Mooresville to hear resident’s thoughts on Duke Energy’s permits to discharge water from its coal-fired power plants into the Catawba River.

These power plants include the Riverbend Steam Station on Mountain Island Lake as well as the Marshall Steam Station on Lake Norman, Riverbend Steam Station on Mountain Island Lake and Allen Steam Station on Lake Wylie.

The pollution discharge permits include waters from cooling water systems, coal ash ponds and yard sump overflows. The public hearing takes place at Mooresville’s Charles Mack Citizen Center at 215 N. Main Street at 7 p.m.

Environmental groups from the state are calling for the Division of Water Quality to better regulate how much heavy metals are discharged in coal ash wastes, phase out existing coal ash ponds, develop drinking water contingency plans in case of ash pond failures and reduce the impacts of thermal pollution from these three facilities.

“The Catawba River Basin faces the most serious threats from thermal pollution of any river in the state. Hot discharges can have devastating effects on fish and cause water loss through evaporation, a threat to water supply for downstream communities, Katie Hicks, Water Justice Organizer with Clean Water for NC, said. Residents interested in providing comments at the hearing cant register before the hearing beginning at 6 p.m.

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