Charlotte Area Transit needs public input

The Charlotte Area Transit System is developing its 2013-2018 Countywide Transit System Plan and the system needs input from residents.

County transit officials are asking residents to complete an online survey at

The plan maps the transit system’s  five-year bus service improvement schedule.

“CATS strives to make improvements to get you where you need to go more efficiently,” Larry Kopf, chief operations planning officer, said a news release. “Suggestions and comments from passengers and residents play an important role in preparing the Countywide Transit System Plan.”

Examples of service enhancements implemented during from the current plan include:

• Additional cross-town service, such as Routes 60, 204 and 232;

• Bus and light rail integration that connected bus routes to the LYNX Blue Line stations;

• Addition of the Sprinter Enhanced Bus service; and

• Improved shelters

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