Crescent Resources plans industrial park

by Sarah Melton

Crescent Resources wants the City of Mount Holly to annex acres, the area outlined in red on the above map.

The City of Mount Holly will hold a public hearing Jan. 10 for its first annexation case in five years.

Crescent Resources, a Charlotte-based real estate company, plans to develop Mount Holly Business Park, a commercial and industrial business park, on a 117-acre tract.

The company says it is interested in building the park due to a lack of smaller warehouse and distribution space that is between 40,000 and 60,000 square feet in the Charlotte region.

The park will be built on Mountain Island Lake between the city’s water treatment plant and Mountain Island Lake dam.

But in order to be viable, the park would need access to Mount Holly’s water and sewer utilities and that would require the town to annex the track.

“We have had several positive meetings between the staff and the applicants to discuss water, sewer, land use, access, etc,” stated city senior planner Greg Beal in an agenda memorandum. “This appears to be an excellent opportunity to grow our commercial tax base.”

Crescent Resources has requested annexation, which would be contingent upon the council approving its request to rezone the land from residential to heavy industrial. The first public hearing will be Jan. 3 with the city’s Planning Board, followed by another hearing with council Jan. 10. The public hearing does not commit the city to rezoning and annexing the property.

The council will have 180 days to make a final decision after holding the public hearing.

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3 Responses

  1. What is there at the moment? Surely there are enough empty big box stores and warehouses that could be re-purposed rather than commit watershed buffer areas to development.

    • That is a great idea C Robb! There is an empty target store (100K) square feet in downtown Gastonia that would be perfect. It would not affect the fragile watershed of Mountain Island, not put unnecessary additional impact on the already over utilized city utilities, and be put in a location that can reduce pressure on over crowded schools of Gaston County. If we, as Gaston County residents are going to subsidize this school, it should be in a place that can benefit the greater population of the County. Not just the over privileged residents of Stone Water and the residents of Mecklenburg County.

  2. From looking at Google maps it looks like green space. In my opinion, that is far more valuable to maintain biodiversity than warehouse space which will increase traffic in the area, exacerbate toxic stormwater runoff, and thus reduce water quality. Looks like a good candidate for a riverside park to me.

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