The Crime Scene for December 10

Police warn about package theft

With the holiday season upon us, many people are using the Internet and catalogs to order presents for friends and family.

As online shopping continues to grow in popularity, more and more people have delivered gifts that sit outside until they arrive home from work.

So in order to keep those packages safe and out of the hands of criminals, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department asks everyone to consider these options:

• When you place the order, have the items delivered to your workplace, where you can take delivery of them in person.

• Do you have relatives or good friends who work from home, are retired or usually home during the day? Consider having the items sent to their homes.

• Do you have a neighbor who is home during the day? Ask him or her to watch out for the packages being delivered. Most companies will offer you some sort of tracking number to keep tabs on when the items may arrive.

• Alert a neighbor and ask that they watch for the delivery truck or mail person. When the packages arrive, ask that they retrieve them from your home and keep them safe until you arrive.

• If you live in an apartment complex, ask the management office if you can have packages delivered to the main office. Packages sitting outside an apartment door can easily be picked up and quickly carried away by anyone passing by.

Police Reports
A roundup of incidents from Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department’s North and Freedom divisions:

• 6329 Whispering Brook Court. Glass door shattered causing $250 in damage. Nothing stolen. Dec. 6.
• 6215 Richfield Lane. $1,000 television stolen. Dec. 6.
• 3125 Cedarhurst Drive. Two televisions and video game systems, worth $900, stolen. Dec. 7.
• 201 S. Hoskins Road. Two computers, printer, iPod, two video game systems and video games, worth $1,665 total, stolen. Dec. 7.
• 3221 Cessna Road. Power tools, worth $2,850 total, stolen. Dec. 7.
• 4620 Kenmont Drive. $800 television stolen. Dec. 7.
• 8502 Thelema Lane. Microwave, worth $253, stolen. Dec. 7.

Vehicle thefts
• 1807 Griers Grove Road. 1995 Buick Park Avenue, computer, worth $2,300 total, stolen. Dec. 7.

• 925 Oakshire Circle. Cell phone, worth $100, stolen. Dec. 7.
• 8700 Long Creek Club Drive. Check stolen from mailbox. Dec. 7.

Car break-ins
• 8626 Hankins Road. Locks broken on 2001 Chevrolet Silverado, causing $600 in damage. Dec. 6.
• 2522 Cochrane Drive. $300 radio stolen. Dec. 7.
• 3010 Hutchinson-McDonald Road. Computer, GPS, hand tools, worth $1,020. Passenger window smashed causing $300 in damage. Dec. 7.
• 3500 Sam Wilson Road. GPS, worth $150, stolen. Four tires slashed and all windows smashed causing $3,000 stolen. Dec. 7.
• 1859 Lindbergh St. Batteries, worth $500, stolen. Dec. 7.

• 1508 Pine Mountain Road. Woman’s name used to obtain a North Carolina drivers license. Dec. 7.

• 7324 Finn Hall Ave. Window smashed on 2007 Vokswagen Jetta causing $1,000 in damage. Dec. 7.
• 4806 Kerr Lane. Trailer and riding lawnmower, worth $8,500 total, stolen. Dec. 7.

• Walmart, 9820 Callabridge Court. $20 headphones stolen. Dec. 7.

• 500 W. WT Harris Blvd. Heroin seized. Dec. 7.

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