Local group hopes to use power of art to spread love, hope

by Alan Hodge

Bella Love will host its first show Feb. 19 at the Palace Theater in Cornelius. Dubbed Live Love 2011, the show will feature several local bands and artists. For more information visit www.bellalovecharlotte.com.

The Beatles sang, “All you need is love.” Forty years later, Case Warnemunde hopes to uphold that ideal with his new organization Bella Love, which uses Charlotte-area artistic talent to help folks in need.

Last year, Warnemunde founded Bella Love as a nonprofit group that will put on three to five art and music festivals annually. Money generated through those concerts will be used to benefit local charities and causes.

“I’ve always had a love for the creative arts, people and music,” Warnemunde said. “Bella Love will give me a way to make a living as well as help other people.”

A native of Ohio, Warnemunde graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a degree in marketing, but after browsing the job market there, decided his destiny was in Charlotte and Bella Love.

Case Warnemunde

According to Warnemunde, the idea for Bella Love has been more than a year in the making.

“If it does well in Charlotte,” Warnemunde said, “It could spread to Cincinnati, Atlanta, or other cites where there is an emphasis on art and music. I could even see it in Liverpool, Munich, and worldwide.”

To get the word out about Bella Love, Warnemunde is using his marketing background to run the organization’s website – www.bellalovecharlotte.com – as well as posting on the social networking sites Facebook and Twitter.

There’s also a Bella Love logo design contest in the works. Students at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte in Assistant Professor Bobby Campbell’s graphic design classes are competing to see who will come up with an official logo. The various designs are posted on the group’s website where folks can vote for their favorite one.

“Everything comes down to marketing,” Warnemunde said.

Bella Love’s first major festival will take place February 19 at the recently renovated Palace Theater in Cornelius.

The event, called Live Love 2011, will feature a variety of artists and musicians.

Live Love bands include Stirling Bridge, Tropic Culture, Natural Blend, Northside Trio and the Rusty Knox Band.  Artworks from Green Rice Gallery will also be on display.

Maura Reddington, marketing and property manager at the Palace Theater, is excited about the upcoming festival.

“We are hoping for a crowd of at least 300 people,” Reddington said. “The diversity of the art and music should appeal to a wide range of people.”

Camp LuCK, a summer camp for Charlotte-area children with heart disease, will benefit from funds raised during Live Love 2011. Founded in 2010, Camp LuCK is located at Kings Mountain State Park in Blacksburg, S.C., and gives kids the have an opportunity to take part in outdoor activities. Camp LuCK director Jay Thompson appreciates Bella Love’s help.

“I’m flattered, it’s fantastic,” Thompson said. “It’s awesome for Bella Love to hop in and help us with what we are trying to do.”

Warnemunde is seeking sponsors, corporate and otherwise, for Live Love 2011.  “Bella Love is interested in working with local companies who share our vision and core values,” Warnemunde said.

With everything Warnemude has planned now and for the future, Bella Love is bound to be bellissimo.

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