New job training grants available to county employers

CHARLOTTE – The Charlotte Mecklenburg Workforce Development Board recently was awarded On-the-Job Training Grant Funds to help employers reduce the cost of training new hires.

“We know many individuals struggle to find employment and this new program was specifically created to give a leg-up to qualified individuals by reducing an employer’s training costs”, Deborah Gibson, Executive Director of the board, said in a news release. “For employers seeking workers, On-the-Job Training offers the unique opportunity to offset initial training costs to fill skilled positions, while building organizational productivity as the employee learns job requirements.”

Typically training lasts between 3 to 6 months and has a long term goal of enhancing job retention and helping employees advance. For more information about the program please visit our website at or call Sheila Hemphill at 704-432-2314 or Deborah Dixon at 704-336-3951.

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