No pretenses at Mount Holly gym

by Sarah Melton

Jonathan Logan has opened Live Fit Health Club in downtown Mount Holly.

Live Fit Health Club is no ordinary gym, and that is the way owner Jonathan Logan wants it to stay.

The Mount Holly space is not decked out in fancy, eye-catching logos, expensive equipment and flat-screen televisions. Instead, clients use simple equipment, such as weights, benches and medicine balls, and do old-fashioned exercises, like push-ups, jumping jacks and squats, to get in shape. The clients work one-on-one with the trainers to meet their goals.

Logan wants the trainers and clients to find creative ways to exercise without becoming reliant on machines.

“This gives the trainer the opportunity to educate the client on how your body works and the way it works,” he said of the Live Fit environment. “Instead of me putting you on the chest press machine and you lifting 20, 30 pounds, let’s teach you how to do a push-up.”

Logan has been involved in physical fitness activities since he was a teenager. A native of Gaston County, Logan played football and ran track and field at South Point High School in Belmont. He competed in power lifting while at Winston-Salem State University.

Logan opened Live Fit in Belmont last year after overcoming his own personal battles with weight and fitness. He wanted his gym to be different, but still positively impact the community. Logan avoided creating a gym with general membership fees or a social  environment.

“I think we’ve taken all the commercial aspects out of the gym so it’s just back to why people go to the gym,” he said. “You are not here to meet your boyfriend. You are not here to find a group of guys to hang out with. It’s you working with someone who is knowledgeable and willing to help you and support you with your goal.”

The response from the community was overwhelming at the Belmont location. Logan recently decided to open a second gym in Mount Holly. He wanted both locations to be similar in appearance and anchored in thriving towns.

“Mount Holly is on the cusp of exciting things,” Logan said. “We are right downtown, but we are pulling clients from all of Mount Holly, Charlotte and communities off Mount Holly-Huntersville Road. I think it’s a good location and I love the history.”

Live Fit clients spend about an hour with their trainers at each appointment. The trainers not only exercise with the clients, but they also go over diet tips, nutritional information and healthy recipes. The Mount Holly facility’s trainers are Logan, Brian Holbrook, Jim Maloney, William Royster and Raymond Ceballos. Ewanda Thompson will be teaching aerobics, hip-hop and yoga group classes.

“I really want clients to tell me what they want,” Logan said. “It’s better for me to have classes people want to take. I like to think we are everyone’s gym so whatever you want, we will try to get in.”

Logan hopes that the clients feel like they have accomplished their goals after working with the trainers at Live Fit. Many times, people will go to a gym, scan their membership card, work out on a treadmill or some other piece of equipment for a few minutes and leave. Technically, they “went to the gym,” but definitely did not accomplish their goals.

At Live Fit, clients will work out hard, meet their goals and feel accomplished, Logan said. “I want people to feel good about themselves and accountable for the goals they set for themselves,” he said.

Live Fit Health Club is at 111 Central Avenue. Hours are 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. and 4 to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday and 7 a.m. till 3 p.m. Saturdays. Appointments can be made after hours if needed.

For more information, call 704-461-8667 or visit

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