The Crime Scene for January 21

Commissioner arrested on assault charges

Ken Lucas

HUNTERSVILLE – Commissioner Ken Lucas was arrested this week on domestic violence charges after his wife told police he grabbed and threw her during an argument over the couple getting a divorce, a Huntersville police report said.

Police responded to the Presbyterian Hospital-Huntersville emergency room a little after 2 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 16, where Angela Lucas sought treatment for a bloody nose and sore head, the report said.

Angela Lucas, 43, told police she and Ken Lucas had been arguing at their Glen Miro Drive home about getting a divorce. She said he agreed to the split and reached out to shake his wife’s hand. He then pulled her out of the chair and threw her into the wooden frame of a nearby couch, the report said.

Ken Lucas, 39, didn’t go to the hospital with his wife and turned himself in to the Mecklenburg County Magistrate the next day – at 11 p.m. Monday, Jan. 17, records show. He was charged with assault on a female and released at about 1:30 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 18, from the Mecklenburg County Jail after posting a $2,000 bond, the jail log shows.

Ken Lucas, said he had hired Charlotte attorney Allen Brotherton to defend him in the case.

“We plan to aggressively fight these false allegations,” Ken Lucas said. He deferred all questions to his attorney.

In a statement about the charges, Brotherton said witnesses will clear Ken Lucas of all charges.

“The allegations against Ken are not true, as is clearly apparent to everyone familiar with both parties,” the statement read. “We appeared in court (Wednesday morning) with a courtroom full of witnesses ready to blow this case out of the water, but Mrs. Lucas was able to convince the judge to postpone the hearing. When we finally get our day in court I have no doubt Ken will be exonerated.

Angela Lucas did not return e-mails or calls for comment. It is unclear how long the two have been married.

Ken Lucas could face censure from the board.

Lucas, a Republican, is currently serving his second term as a Huntersville commissioner. He is a former U.S. Marine and currently works as Senior Vice President of Corporate Security at Bank of America.

It is unclear when Lucas will appear in court again.

Police reports
A roundup of incidents from Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department’s North and Freedom divisions:

• 3834 Walkers Cove Trail. Kitchen equipment, worth $75, stolen. Jan. 15.
• 1323 Jordans Pone Lane. Door broken causing $300 in damage. Nothing stolen. Jan. 15.
• 4462 Glenlea Commons Drive. Two shotguns, two revolvers and a watch, worth $1,105 total. Jan. 16.
• 336 Melynda Road. Handgun, worth $200, stolen. Jan. 17.

Vehicle thefts
• 406 Kimmswick Road. Moped, worth $700, stolen. Jan. 15.
• 9507 Feldbank Drive. 1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse, worth $2,500, stolen. Jan. 17.

• 3345 Little Rock Road. Binoculars, camera, tablet computer, jewelry, worth $2,225 total, stolen.  Jan. 14.
• 1224 Riverside Drive. Debit card stolen. Jan. 15.

Car break-ins
• 2414 Cairns Mill Court. Bookbag, work glove, price scanner and two packs of cigarettes, worth $100 total, stolen. Jan. 16.
• 9822 Parkwood Drive. CD player, worth $150, stolen. Jan. 16.
• 9841 Northlake Centre Parkway. Door lock broken, causing $200 in damage. Nothing stolen. Jan. 16.
• 8325 Northlake Commons Blvd. Handgun, worth $400, stolen. Driver lock broken, causing $150 in damage. Jan. 16.
• 309 Peachtree Road. GPS and dentures, worth $365 total, stolen. Jan. 17.

• 5522 Kiev Drive. Window smashed on 1995 Cadillac Deville, causing $400 in damage. Jan. 16.
• 2900 Sam Wilson Road. Microphone slammed on bar floor, causing $150 in damage. Jan. 16.
• 7414 Hidden Creek Drive. Homes’ Duke Energy meter box broken, causing $300 in damage. Jan. 15.
• 4819 Hucks Road. Mailbox and horse buggy broken, causing $1,100 in damage. Jan. 16.

• 6321 McIntyre Ridge Road. Woman’s debit card used to purchase $678 in goods online. Jan. 17.

• Belk, 7115 Northlake Mall Drive. Watch, worth $90, stolen. Jan. 17.
• Belk, 7115 Northlake Mall Drive. Sweatshirt, worth $89, stolen.  Jan. 16.
• Food Lion, 4001 Sunset Road. Chewing tobacco and sandwich meat,  worth $6.99, stolen. Jan. 17.
• Walmart, 9820 Callabridge Court. Energy drinks, worth $4, stolen. Jan. 17.
• Hollister, 6801 Northlake Mall Drive. Several items of clothing, worth $280, stolen. Jan. 17.


• 5612 Mt. Holly-Huntersville Road. Marijuana bong seized. Jan. 17.

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