The Crime Scene for January 7

Christmas day hit and run

A hit and run driver pushed another vehicle into a light pole after a wreck on Christmas day, police say.

About 4:31 a.m. on Dec. 25, Daquan Hill, 19, Tico Whitner, 21, and Christopher Reid, 23, all of Charlotte, were driving in a white Pontiac Sunfire on Glenmore Drive when a man driving another car hit them, a Charlotte-Mecklenburg police report said. The driver of the car then forced the Sunfire into a light pole at 6754 Glenmore Drive and then drove away.

Neither the driver nor the passengers of the Sunfire suffered any injuries.
The crash caused $5,000 in damage.

Police spokesman Robert Fey could not provide a detailed description of the driver.

Holiday shopper threatened with gun

A 26-year-old woman was threatened with a handgun while driving near Northlake Mall on Thursday, Dec. 24.

Tasha Bardwill told police she was traveling to the mall do some shopping. While waiting in traffic on Northlake Mall Drive a man pulled his vehicle along side of Bardwill’s car attempting to merge into her lane. When he passed Bardwill, he pointed a gun at her.

Bardwill was not injured and no shots were fired during the incident. Police spokesman Robert Fey could not provide a suspect description.

Police Reports

A roundup of incidents from Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department’s North and Freedom divisions:

• 9735 Willilyn Lane. $250 television stolen. Dec. 30.
• 4610 Tanager Park Drive. Two televisions, DVDs, digital camera, purse and briefcase, worth $1,275, stolen. Door frame broken causing $100 in damage. Dec. 30.
• 739 E. Milan Road. Home broken into. Nothing stolen. Dec. 29.
• 3020 Forestbrook Drive. Television and iPod, worth $400 total, stolen. Door kicked in causing $500 in damage. Dec. 31.

Vehicle thefts
• 2600 Mt. Isle Harbor Drive. 19-foot boat and trailer, worth $17,000, stolen. Dec. 30.
• 5621 Mt. Olive Church Road. $350 dirt bike stolen. Dec. 30.
• 5900 Lawnmeadow Drive. 1995 Honda Accord, worth $2,500, stolen. Dec. 30.
• 4527 Wynbrook Way. 1995 Honda Accord, worth $5,000, stolen. Dec. 29.

• Advanced Auto Parts, 9390 Strause Drive. Assorted tools and car accessories, worth $600, stolen. Dec. 29.
• Stanley Stephens Co., 10332 Hugue Way. $60,000 concrete grinding machine not returned to rental service. Dec. 30.
• 3629 Silver Ore Lane. Wallet stolen. Dec. 28.
• 10929 Mt. Holly Road. License plate stolen. Jan. 2.
• 1723 Cedarvale Road. Wallet stolen. Jan. 2.
• 1101 Leigh Circle. Motorcycle trailer, assorted hand tools and two ladders, worth $5,600, stolen. Jan. 2.

Car break-ins
• 5245 Garden Trace Court. Bookbag stolen. Door lock broken causing $300 in damage. Jan. 3
• 7918 Bristle Lane. $200 GPS stolen. Window smashed, causing $300 in damage. Jan. 2.
• 3001 Little Rock Road. .45-caliber handgun, worth $400, stolen. Jan. 3.
• 10100 Moores Chapel Road. Stereo, speakers, pressure washer and 9-millimeter handgun, worth $3,700 total, stolen. Window broken, causing $600 in damage. Jan. 3.
• 4325 Montgomery Gardens Drive. Debit card and $100 gold necklace stolen. Window smashed, causing $200 in damage. Dec. 27.
• 3729 Capps Hill Drive. Window smashed and door lock broken causing $500 in damage. Nothing stolen. Dec. 30.
• 10130 Perimeter Pkwy. Briefcase, GPS, calculator and garage door opener, worth $250, stolen. Door lock broken causing $250 in damage. Dec. 30.
• 510 Dedmon Drive. Two computers, worth $400, and wallet stolen. Three windows broken, causing $600 in damage. Dec. 30.
• 5321 Esther Lane. GPS and stereo, worth $175, stolen from two cars. Dec. 29.
• 9828 Perimeter Station Drive. Two GPS, worth $600, stolen from two cars. Jan. 2.
• 9425 Long Creek Garden Drive. Pocket book and wallet stolen. Windows smashed, causing $500 in damage. Jan. 2.

• 2249 Beatties Ford Road. Woman’s debit card used to withdraw $220 from ATM. Jan. 3.
• 3936 Corporation Circle. Man’s name and social security number used to gain employment. Jan. 3.
• 9115 Samlen Lane. Counterfeit $10 bill passed at M. Nails Salon. Jan. 1.

• 6227 Deep Forest Lane. Motorcycle pushed over causing $1,000 in damage to gas tank and rear fender. Mailbox pulled out of ground. Jan. 3.
• 2000 Sloan Drive. Home windows smashed, causing $100 in damage. Dec. 30.

• Macy’s, 6845 Northlake Mall Drive. Assorted bottles of perfume, worth $233, stolen. Jan. 3.

• 5200 Beatties Ford Road. Small bag of marijuana and marijuana pipe seized. Jan. 2.
• 8517 Reames Road. Drug paraphernalia seized. Dec. 31.
• 1200 Lucky Penny St. Marijuana seized. Dec. 30.
• 9426 Golden Pond Drive. 15.7 grams of marijuana seized. Jan. 2.

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