A return to the past for a better future

For the last two years, the Mountain Island Weekly has endeavored to provide you the news that makes this your community. We’ve written about the continuing battle to keep the lake’s water pristine and introduced you to the unique people who call this area home.

The weekly’s parent company, Carolina Weekly Newspapers, continues to evolve with the addition of the Denver Weekly, set to hit newsstands and driveways April 1. We will soon have four newspapers covering communities around Lake Norman and Mountain Island Lake.

To use our reporting resources best, we’re returning to the format that was so successful for many years – the monthly Mountain Island Monitor.

This doesn’t mean the in-depth news coverage you’re accustomed to will disappear, but because Mountain Island doesn’t have a town of its own, it doesn’t require the same reporting resources that a separate county, like Lincoln, does.

Plus, Mountain Island readers will benefit from our expanded coverage of the west side of Lake Norman since it’s just a short drive away.

“Many readers and business owners have told me how much they miss the old Monitor, so I’m glad that we are listening to them and bringing it back,” Phyllis Rozzelle, the Weekly’s advertising executive, said.  “I’m also looking forward to being part of the sales staff for the Denver Weekly and taking that same locally focused style publication into Lincoln County.”

We still need your help because, after all, we believe that our readers shouldn’t just read the news. They should participate in the process. We hope you think of this newspaper as your local paper.

The new monthly format will help us to dig in our heels a little more and have more in-depth features on local events and characters.

We are always looking for new, interesting story ideas and the best place to get those ideas is from you, our readers. So tell us what’s going on. Help be our eyes and ears.

Do you have a concern about local government? Want to get a little publicity for that church barbecue or know someone who has an interesting story to tell? Then let us know.

We’ll continue to cover Hopewell High School sports, and Chris Hunt, sports editor for our four lake newspapers, also would love to hear from all your youth athletic leagues and other sports organizations.

Send story ideas to news@mountainislandweekly.com, calendar listings to calendar@mountainislandweekly.com and sports news to sports@mountainislandweeklycom.

Tell us what you think. Send me an e-mail, andrew@mountainislandweekly.com, or call me at 704-766-2100. You can reach Chris at the same number or chris@mountainislandweekly.com. We are always available to hear from you.

Together we can tell the stories that define Mountain Island and make it a truly great place to call home.

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