Raptor center’s bald eagle lays egg

HUNTERSVILLE – Savannah, a 15-year-old bald eagle, has laid her first egg of the eagle-nesting season at the Carolina Raptor Center.

The incubation period for bald eagles is 33 to 35 days, which means the egg should hatch on or around March 2.

Bald eagles typically lay eggs a few days apart. There is a possibility that Savannah could lay a second egg within the next few days. A real-time Eagle Cam refreshes every five seconds at http://www.wcnc.com/marketplace/microsite-content/wcnc-eagle-cam.html. Observers will see Savannah sitting on the egg, turning it and trading off with her mate, Derek, who shares the responsibility of sitting on the nest.

The next three weeks are critical for the egg as Derek and Savannah protect and incubate it. The eagle egg is about 1.5 times the size of a chicken egg.

Savannah and Derek have successfully produced young for a number of years and four of their offspring have been released. In 2010, thousands of people watched the two eagles build their nest and work shifts to sit on three eggs. Two chicks hatched, and one survived to be released into the wild. The eagle was named Noah, for Lance Corporal Noah Pier, a Mountain Island resident who was killed in Afghanistan around the same time the eaglet was hatched in February 2010.

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