The Crime Scene for Feb. 25

Police reports

A roundup of incidents from Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department’s North and Freedom divisions.

• Walkers Cove Trail. Kitchen equipment, worth $75, stolen. Feb. Feb. 19.
• Jordans Pone Lane. Door broken, causing $300 in damage. Nothing stolen. Feb. 19.
• Glenlea Commons Drive. Two shotguns, two revolvers and a watch, worth $1,105 total, stolen. Feb. 19.
• Melynda Road. Handgun, worth $200, stolen. Feb. 19.
• Toddville Road. TV, video game system, satellite dish and jewelry, worth $15,700 total stolen, from home. Feb. 19.
• Stone Bluff Court. Playstation video game system and video games, worth $320 total, stolen from home. Front door damaged. Feb. 20.
• Crandon Drive. $300 gas meter stolen. Feb. 20.
• Windy Valley Drive. Five video games, CDs and DVDs, worth $200 total, stolen. Feb. 20.
• Mount Holly Road. Two meter boxes, rolls of change, cartons of Newport cigarettes and beer, worth $1,450 total, stolen from store. Feb. 20.
• Almora Drive. Diamond earrings, gold chain, gold bracelet and gold ring, worth $1,380 total, stolen. Feb. 21.
• Linda Vista Lane. Three woman’s business suits, Nintendo Game Cube video game system, DVD player and laptop, worth $2,050 total, stolen from home. Feb. 21.
• Greenelefe Village Road. Nintendo Wii video game system and camera, worth $750 total, stolen from home. Feb. 23.
• Rozzelles Ferry Road. Computer and stun gun, worth $380 total, and $200 cash stolen from home. Feb. 23.

Vehicle thefts
• Kimmswick Road. Moped, worth $700, stolen. Feb. 19.
• Feldbank Drive. 1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse, worth $2,500, stolen. Feb. 19.
• Kentberry Drive. Driver side window smashed. Purse with $75 cash stolen. Feb. 20.
• Enterprise Rent a Car, Northlake Mall Drive. $100 radio stolen from car. Feb. 20.
• Floral Grove Lane. Side window smashed. $400 stereo stolen. Feb. 21.
• Northlake Mall Drive. GPS and handheld radio, worth $225 total, stolen. Feb. 22.

• Little Rock Road. Binoculars, camera, tablet computer, jewelry, worth $2,225 total, stolen.  Feb. 19.
• Riverside Drive. Debit card stolen. Feb. 20.
• Ford Road. Man’s wallet including driver’s license and $20 stolen at bus stop. Feb. 21
• Perimeter Parkway. iPhone stolen from woman’s coat. Feb. 22
• Valley Ridge Road. License plate stolen from 2001 Lincoln Town Car. Feb. 23
• Callabridge Court. License plate stolen from 2007 Chrysler Pacifica. Feb. 23.

Car break-ins
• Cairns Mill Court. Bookbag, work gloves, price scanner and two packs of cigarettes, worth $100 total, stolen. Feb. 19.
• Parkwood Drive. $150 CD player stolen. Feb. 19.
• Northlake Centre Parkway. Door lock broken, causing $200 in damage. Nothing stolen. Feb. 20.
• Northlake Commons Blvd. $400 handgun stolen. Driver lock broken, causing $150 in damage. Feb.  21
• Peachtree Road. GPS and dentures, worth $365 total, stolen. Feb. 20.

• Kiev Drive. Window smashed on 1995 Cadillac Deville, causing $400 in damage. Feb. 20.
• Sam Wilson Road. Microphone slammed on bar floor, causing $150 in damage. Feb. 21.
• Hidden Creek Drive. Several homes’ Duke Energy meter box broken, causing $300 in damage. Feb. 20.
• Hucks Road. Mailbox and horse buggy broken, causing $1,100 in damage. Feb. 20.

• McIntyre Ridge Road. Woman’s debit card used to purchase $678 in goods online. Feb. 19.

• Belk, Northlake Mall Drive. $90 watch stolen. Feb. 20.
• Belk, Northlake Mall Drive. $89 sweatshirt stolen.  Feb. 20.
• Food Lion, Sunset Road. Chewing tobacco and sandwich meat, worth $6.99, stolen. Feb. 21.
• Hollister, Northlake Mall Drive. Several items of clothing, worth $280, stolen. Feb. 21.
• Aldo, Northlake Mall Drive. $15 ring stolen. Feb. 18.
• Belk, Northlake Mall Drive. T-shirts, worth $350, stolen. Feb. 18.

• 5612 Mt. Holly-Huntersville Road. Marijuana bong seized. Feb. 17.
• Beatties Ford Road. Five grams of marijuana, pipe, camera and cell phone seized. Feb. 20.

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