Orphaned bird sets milestone at Raptor Center

An orphaned baby owl has a new home, and the Carolina Raptor’s Center has its 15,000th patient.

The great horned owl was transferred from the Triangle Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Raleigh recently to the Huntersville-based Raptor Center for veterinary treatment. The bird will have a surrogate mother, Betbait, until it is healthy and old enough to live on its own. Betbait, a great horned owl, has been fostering orphans with the Raptor’s Center for a decade.

This is the third orphaned owl currently treated by the Raptor Center. This time of year begins the orphan season, and the Raptor Center expects to receive 100 baby raptors in the coming months.

For more information on the Raptor Center visit www.carolinaraptorcenter.org.

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