Police walk through neighborhoods after break-ins

MOUNTAIN ISLAND – Charlotte Mecklenburg Police officers walked through the Mt. Isle Harbour and Overlook neighborhoods in the hopes to get drivers to lock their car doors after a rash of break-ins in those areas.

Several officers walked through those communities, speaking with residents and checking for unlocked car doors and valuables left inside. Police stopped at 50 homes, inspecting 160 cars. They found several unlocked and some locked with commonly stolen items like GPS units and laptops inside.

“We want to reinforce the behavior of locking your cars and taking out anything that could be of interest to a thief,” Officer Justin Thornton said. “People were very receptive to that.”

Last month, six cars were broken into in Overlook and three in Mt. Isle Harbour. Only eight cars were broken into last year in Mt. Isle Harbour.

Police also ask anyone who sees something suspicious in their neighborhood to call 911.

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