City beefs up marketing of Grand Hall

Bookings already 50 percent higher this year

by Sarah Melton

Mount Holly’s Facilities Committee is trying to find an effective way to market the city’s Grand Hall.

On March 14, Leigh Brinkley presented drafts of new marketing materials for the Grand Hall, which is often booked for receptions, weddings, reunions and other events. The city is paying Brinkley, owner of Brinkley Design in Charlotte, $2,000 to create the marketing pieces.

The Facilities Committee asked Brinkley to create several marketing products that are flexible but also target various audiences and uses for the Grand Hall, Brinkley said.

“We need to have a timeless, elegant voice that reflects the space and also is a balance between the municipal setting and the setting for special occasions,” Brinkley said. “We also need to be fairly colorful.”

Brinkley presented a brochure with details and maps of the Grand Hall for committee members to review. She is also working on developing a Grand Hall panel similar to historic panels in the Mount Holly Municipal Complex.

The city rents the entire Grand Hall for $1,000 a day for city residents and $1,500 per day for people and civic organizations coming from outside the city. Civic organizations within the city limits pay $500 per day.

Or anyone – residents and nonresidents and organizations – can rent the north end of the Grand Hall for $250 for four hours or $500 per day. Whether renting the entire building or just the north end, individuals or organizations have use of the bathrooms and kitchen preparation area.

The rental fee does not include a required cleaning fee –$200 for the entire Grand Hall and $150 for the north end. Applicants are expected to take out the trash, but the city hires a contractor to clean the building after events.

Last year, the city rented the Grand Hall 12 times, collecting $15,500 in revenue, and 18 events already are booked at the Grand Hall for this year.

All money generated from the Grand Hall rentals goes into the city’s general fund, unless the city council decides otherwise.

Mount Holly City Hall “costs money, and we’ve got bills to pay. So those revenues can help be used in that way,” City Manager Danny Jackson said.

Committee members suggested some small changes but seemed pleased with Brinkley’s work.

“I’d like to thank Leigh for all her hard work,” Councilman David Moore said. “I know she has been working on this for months.”

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