Eden Investment moving forward with several projects

by Sarah Melton

Eden Investment Group has big plans for the future of Mount Holly.

The company has spent the past year making renovations and restoration to the Farrah and Mount Holly Furniture buildings, moving Barbie’s Dance Studio into a larger space and opening William Henry Salon and Spa. These efforts have earned them $17,410 in façade grants from the Mount Holly Community Development Foundation.

Eden partners David Kiser and Marshall Fletcher shared more news recently with the community at a forum sponsored by the Foundation. The company has other goals it hopes to accomplish in the near future to bring more growth to Mount Holly, including:
• Working with the city to acquire public parking on North Main Street.
• Working with a high-end antique mall in the purchase and renovation of an existing building on North Main Street.
• Working with an established coffee house in the opening of a second location on North Main Street.
• Working with an established restaurant in transitioning from its current location in Belmont to North Main Street.
• Working with a national known artist and his team in the opening of an art gallery on North Main Street. This artist houses a $10 million inventory.
• Working with a team to complete the improvements of the remaining corner building on North Main Street.
• Working with William Henry Signature Salon and Spa to open the William Henry Academy of Cosmetic Arts on North Main Street.

“This group is not about us being successful, but all of us being successful,” Kiser said. “Our philosophy could have been, ‘Let’s buy some buildings, put some tenants in it and that would be great.’ But what if a group of businessmen came together, bought a business, bought a building, put tenants in the building and strategically placed those tenants in an atmosphere, a place, where they could be successful?”

Eden envisions downtown Mount Holly as a place where people can stroll down the sidewalks, catch up with neighbors over a meal and call the city home.

“What we are after as Eden Group is to team up with the citizens and business owners to make a real difference,” Kiser said. “We see what the opportunities are and what the potentials are and we simply want to go at it because we know it can happen.”

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