Public parking options

The Mount Holly City Council wants to provide more public parking downtown.

Councilman Jim Hope, who is also a member of the Construction Committee, said Eden Group brought a proposal to the committee for two parking lots, each able to hold 50-60 cars, at 104 Main Street and 123 Main Street. Eden Group estimated it would cost $78,423 to resurface and repave the two lots. The committee got a second estimate from an outside contractor and was told it would cost $83,980.

Hope said the city would likely have an option to purchase the parking lot at 123 Main Street because it is owned by the Eden Group. The lot would still have to be upgraded, but it would be owned by the city, except for a small portion Eden would want to keep behind its building.

The city would likely not have an opportunity to purchase the other lot, 104 Main Street, and have to come to a lease agreement that would fund the upgrades and also bring revenue into the city.

“I know we have some options and I think we have a need,” Hope said. “I think the reason that this is before us it because it’s an investment in the downtown area. I’m not looking at it as we are taking someone else’s parking lot. I am looking at it as revenue will be coming back to the city of Mount Holly.”

On Monday, May 23, the council asked city staff to look into the matter further and come back to them with proposal.

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