Local man survives unscathed

(Will Bryant/MIM photo)

HUNTERSVILLE – Mount Holly resident Thomas Snead walked away from a wreck on Thursday morning that, judging by the state of his car, should have left him seriously injured.

The wreck occurred when a flatbed truck clipped a bridge along Mt. Holly-Huntersville Road because its container was too tall for the 13-foot clearance. After impact, the truck overturned, causing the container to land on Snead’s car.

“After we saw the car, we are lucky,” Snead’s father, Daniel, said.

“It’s like winning the lottery to go through something like that and not get killed or seriously injured,” he said. Snead’s father believes his son survived because he instinctively laid his seat down when he saw the container falling toward him.

It is unclear if the truck driver Perry Kesler, of Kannapolis, was cited in the wreck.

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