How local restaurants fared in health inspections

The Mecklenburg and Gaston County health departments inspected the following restaurants from Oct. 25 to Nov. 25. Critical violations for restaurants scoring less than 91 also are listed below.

Mountain Island (28214 zip code)

• Food Lion Deli and Bakery, 2526 Little Rock Road. 99.

• Fox’s Pizza Den, 249 Mt. Holly-Huntersville Road. 97.5.

• Hampton Inn & Suites, 2731 Little Roack Road. 96.

• Hardees, 2604 Little Roack Road. 94.5

• Miguels Restaurant, 4252 Business Center Drive. 97.

• Riverview Inn, 10012 Moores Chapel Loop Route 5. 97.5.

• U.S. National Whitewater Center, 5000 Whitewater Center Parkway. 99.

• Wok Bo, 527 Little Roack Road. 94.

Mountain Island (28216 zip code)

• Burger King, 4100 Brookshire Blvd. 100.

• Five Guys-Northcrest, 9749 Northlake Center Parkway, 100.5.

• Mountain Island BP, 2211 Vinnie’s Way. 93.

• Pleasant Grove United Methodist Church, 1915 Oakdale Road. 95.5.

• Rudeans, 2228 Beatties Ford Road. 96.5.

• Subway, 8300 Bellhaven Blvd. 95.

• Sunset Hills Golf, 800 Radio Road. 94.

• Super Target Food Avenue, 9841 Northlake Center Pkwy. 99.

• United House of Prayer for All, 2321 Beatties Ford Road. 94.

• Waffle House, 6308 Banner Elk Drive. 93.5.

• Excelsior Club, 921 Beatties Ford Road. 90; Carton of raw shell eggs found on top shelf of a reach-in cooler, above a bowl of cole slaw. Inspectors found a container of maraschino cherries and lemons uncovered in a cooler at the small downstairs bar. Inspectors observed small buildup of pink and brown mold on and in the edges of an interior shield of an ice machine.

• Kennedy Fried Chicken and Pizza, 3800 Brookshire Blvd. 80.; Inspector observed employees enter kitchen and begin reheating food without washing hands. Raw chicken found stored on container of pizza sauce, over potato salad, in walk-in cooler. Fly strips found hanging over preparation surfaces in kitchen. Barbeque sauce build-up and grease found on tongs stored next to a hot holding unit. Inspector found ribs at 121 degrees in the hot holding unit, along with mashed potatoes, spinach and macoroni and cheese, all under the required 135 degrees.

• Oakdale Snack Bar, 1727 Oakdale Road. 91

Inspector observed ants near the prep unit and found ceiling damage and floor build-up at the walk-in cooler. Inspector also found open bags of flour and an open box of oats.

• Tops China, 2127 Beatties Ford Road. 90.

No sanitizer found available and ready-to-use when inspectors arrived to the restaurant. Inspectors found chicken wings, cooked fried rice and egg rolls stored on food preparation surfaces at 60 to 130 degrees. Hot foods should be stored at 135 degrees and above. Inspectors found garlic-in-oil stored at 48 degrees. Cold foods should be stored below 45 degrees.

Mount Holly (28120 zip code)

• China II, 595 Highland Street. 92.5.

• McDonald’s, 704 S. Main St. 98.5.

• Neighbors Bright Star, 205 Madora St. 96.5.

• Rita’s Family Restaurant, 108 Beaty Road. 98.5.

• Sake Express II, 349 Charlotte Ave. 94.5.

About the grades

Restaurants are given grades of A for scoring at least 90 percent, B for 80 to 89 percent and C for 70 to 79. The state revokes permits for restaurants that score below 70 percent.

Restaurants are eligible for two bonus points if an employee has completed a food service sanitation program within three years.

–Compiled by staff

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