A landmark day for Mecklenburg County recycling

CHARLOTTE – According to a Mecklenburg County news release, Nov. 22 marked the first day ever that the amount of waste received by the county for recycling exceeded the amount of garbage disposed at the landfill.

The release called the day “a major milestone in public sanitation.” Almost 1,500 tons of trash, about 3 million pounds, was taken to the landfill on Nov. 22, while almost 1,900 tons, about 3.8 million pounds, of recyclable material was received at the Metrolina Recycling Center, Compost Central and the four full-service county recycling centers. For the day, overall recycling came out on top as almost 56 percent of all material collected.

“While this performance isn’t yet the norm in Mecklenburg County, it does give us a very good indication of what could be our future,” said Bruce Gledhill, director of Solid Waste for Mecklenburg County.

Since single stream recycling was introduced in Mecklenburg County more than a year ago and the county began accepting a wider range of recyclable materials, recycling overall increased 20 percent. While there is a lot of room for improvement, Gledhill credited residents for stepping up their recycling efforts.

“The citizens of Mecklenburg County have made a great effort to help us reduce, reuse and recycle,” he said.

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