File property tax listings online

CHARLOTTE – Beginning in January 2012, businesses in Mecklenburg County will be able to file their annual property tax listings with the assessor’s office online. Electronic filing increases government efficiency and saves taxpayers time and expense in the filing process, according to a county news release.

The new online application provides:

• Free online e-filing.

• Text fields that replicate that state form to produce accurate listings for each business.

• Data storage for easy future filing. Taxpayers only need to add additions and deletions after their data is entered the first time.

• Sharing capabilities for CPAs and tax preparers to send listings to clients for approval.

• Taxpayers can download forms to allow the tax preparer to sign up on their behalf.

• Spreadsheet templates for uploading complex asset and leasing information details.

• Live customer application support via email, phone and chat.

The county has partnered with TAXScribe to provide an application that’s easy for business owners, as well as tax preparers and accountants, according to the release. The assessor’s office will soon be sending out the 2012 listings that will contain instructions for filing returns and extension requests online.

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