City moves forward on Massey warehouse purchase

MOUNT HOLLY – Mount Holly moved one step closer to owning the Massey Company’s warehouse/office building after the city council approved the purchase of the property at its Feb. 27 meeting.

The contract set the price of the building, located next door the city’s Municipal Complex, at $250,000, and the money will come from a budget transfer from the city’s fund balance to the general fund.

Because of a 90-day due diligence clause, the contract’s approval does not mean that the city must purchase the building. Part of the due diligence process will include an asbestos test on the building. The city can rescind its purchase offer at anytime during the 90-day period, whether asbestos is found or not.

“The way the contract is worded, we can back out at any time,” said council member Jim Hope.

Council member Jerry Bishop said the purchase was needed.

“We would be remiss if we lost the property to someone else,” Bishop said.

Council member Carolyn Breyare voted against the contract due to budget concerns.

“I’d just like to see where we are on the budget,” she said.

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