How local restaurants fared in health inspections

The Mecklenburg and Gaston county health departments inspected the following restaurants from Jan. 27 to Feb. 24. Critical violations for restaurants scoring 95 or less also are listed.

Mountain Island (28214 zip code)

• Arby’s, 2501 Little Rock Road. 97.5.

• Dot’s Hot Spot, 6330 Wilkinson Blvd. 98.5.

• Miguel’s Restaurant, 4252 Business Center Drive. 97.

• Parrott Beach Restaurant & Bar, 10916 Black Dog Lane. 96.

• Pine Island Country Club Turn Kitchen, 1701 Stoneridge Drive. 99.5.

• Riverview Inn, 10012 Moores Chapel Loop Route 5. 97.

• Shuffletown Drive In, 10220 Rozzeles Ferry Road. 96.

• Wok Bo, 527 Little Rock Road #8. 93.5.

Observed cheese wraps stored below raw sliced beef in reach-in freezers and soiled ice scoop stored in contact with ice inside ice bin. Observed vegetable prep on table next to soiled utensil storage in a three-compartment sink and costomers pass through food storage room to access restrooms.

Mountain Island (28216 zip code)

• Angie’s Diner, 3658 Beatties Ford Road. 95.

Observed bottle of sanitizer at improper concentration.

• Bojangles’, 1401 W. Trade St. 96.5.

• Brave Restaurant, 6851 NorthLake Mall Drive. 94.5.

Observed a soiled knife stored as clean, a couple of tea nozzles with buildup and a slicer with dried food debris. Found raw veal stored over cooked noodles inside the reach-in refrigerator and a box of tilapia stored on the freezer floor. Found sausage stored in direct contact with cooler shelf and multiple pans of potentially hazardous food stored at temperatures higher than 45 degrees.

• Bull & Barrister Draft House and Grille, 3615 Mt. Holly-Huntersville Road. 96.

• Chik-fil-A at Northlake Parkway, 8411 NorthLake Commons Blvd. 100.

• Circle G, 4818 Rozzelle’s Ferry Road. 98.

• Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robbins, 5029 Beatties Ford Road. 96.

• Excelsior Club, 921 Beatties Ford Road. 88.

Observed container of maraschino cherries uncovered in cooler at small downstairs bars and serving equipment in the main party room without approved sneeze shields or barriers. Found improperly labeled bottle of sanitizer and interior microwave surfaces soiled with food residue and debris.

• Five Guys, 9749 NorthLake Center Pkwy. 101.5.

• Fox and Hound Pub & Grille, 9325 Center Lake Drive. 93.

Observed raw shell eggs over ready to eat food in walk-in cooler and boxes of food stored on the floor of the freezer. Found grease/sticker residue on many plastic food containers stores and build-up inside tea nozzles and soda gun.

• Harris Teeter, 3540 Mt. Holly-Huntersville Road. 99.

• Hole in the Wall Crab Shack, 10210 Couloak Drive. 95.5.

• Niki’s Food Shop, 2200-A Beatties Ford Road. 97.5.

• The Park at Beatties Ford Road, 6029 Beatties Ford Road. 100.

• Rudeans, 2228 Beatties Ford Road. 96.

• Shane’s Rib Shack NorthLake, 9330 Center Lake Drive. 94.5.

Observed cheese and sliced tomatoes stored in pans on melting ice and baked chicken tenders sitting out at improper temperature.

• Sunset Soulfood, 5009 Beatties Ford Road. 97.

• United House Of Prayer For All, 2321 Beatties Ford Road. 92.

Observed raw chicken stored over a container of gravy in walk-in freezer and raw shell eggs stored over spinach leaves and bottled water in reach-in cooler. Found sanitizer at improper concentration and turkey necks in the hot holding unit at improper temperature.

Mount Holly (28120 zip code)

• Black’s Bluewater Seafood and Grill, 1118 S. Main St. 95.5.

• Charlie’s Drug, 125 W. Central Ave. 99.

• China II, 595 Highland St. 92.

Found large, deep container of cooked chicken at improper temperature.

• Christy’s Place, 1015 W. Catawba Ave. 94.5.

Found potatoes stored at improper temperature.

• Circle A Food Store, 1301 N. Main St. 94.5.

Found refrigerators in need of repair.

• City Café, 128 S. Main St. 94.5.

Employee’s drink found stored on a food prep area and sanitizer mixed at improper concentration.

• Cream n Beans Sundries, 108 S. Main St. 100.

• El Valle Mexican Restaurant, 791 W. Charlotte Ave. 94.5.

Found unwrapped tortillas stored in carry-out bags and dirty knives on knife wrack.

• McDonalds, 704 S. Main St. 98.5.

• Vasileo’s Italian Kitchen, 200 S. Main St. 94.

Found sanitizing solution mixed at improper concentration and potentially hazardous food at improper temperatures.

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