Paranormal team delves into the unexplained

by Lauren Odomirok

CHARLOTTE – Tim Bordner’s close encounters with the otherworldly were well underway by the time he was 18 years old.

Tim Bordner conducted an investigation at Piney Grove AME Zion Cemetery in Concord, where he heard a spirit say “help me” on tape. (Courtesy of Tim Bordner)

“When I’d just graduated high school, before I joined the military, I was working the third shift at Winn-Dixie,” he recalls. “I came home early one day to hear a rocking chair creaking upstairs. No one was in it, but the quilt laying on it had an impression on it, and it kept rocking.”

The Charlotte native learned his mother “had those experiences with that chair, too.” It was a gift from his paternal grandmother, who acquired it from a woman whose husband had a heart attack sitting in it.

From then on, Bordner, who went on to work in the commercial trucking industry, was intrigued by the supernatural.

“I believe when people pass away, sometimes their energy attaches itself to an item,” he said.

In September, he formed a nonprofit called Family Paranormal Investigators to research strange phenomena in area homes, businesses and historic sites. The FPI team includes Tim’s wife, brother, two daughters and son-in-law.

In their explorations of local graveyards and battlefields, they’ve worked with infrared cameras, electromagnetic field detectors, voice recorders and infrared temperature devices to communicate with spirits on the other side.

Adam Bordner and his family investigate ghosts, spirits and other strange happenings. (Courtesy of Tim Bordner)

“We use a ghost box app on our tablets to catch voice frequencies and hope to be able to do live broadcasts over the Internet as we do investigations,” said Adam Bordner, Tim’s brother and the group’s technical manager.

Tim said his most frightening brush with the world of spirits happened this fall when he and his wife, Kindra, toured Charleston’s Old City Jail. After the tour, Kindra returned to the street to find scratch marks on her back and a handprint on her arm. Tim believes these were souvenirs from prisoner spirits that inhabit the building.

“Anytime, we might be able to help people who are experiencing things and want answers, whether they’re paranormal or normal, we’re looking to help them set their minds at ease,” he said.

Working together as a family on this shared hobby is something that’s also brought Tim closer to his daughters.

The team recently visited Kindra’s mother, Pat Davies, at her 1950s home in Charlotte when she told them that glimpses of shadows, sounds of mysterious footsteps, and moved objects had been troubling her.

“A man started a church in this house, but later committed suicide. He was a little off, so there’s always that thought in the back of your mind wondering, is this guy lingering on in the house?” she explained.

Tim said the noises and shadows she heard most likely came from cars and their headlights flashing since she lives on the corner of her street.

“I was hoping to have my own ghost here,” she said lightly. “I’m a firm believer that there’s something after this life, and I think that sometimes spirits linger around and don’t go straight where they’re supposed to go.”

Experiencing something strange?

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