Studio offers hot yoga classes

Lolli O'Dell (left) and Danielle Bisheit demonstrate poses at Mountain Island Hot Yoga. O’Dell recently opened the new studio. (Bill Ward/MIM photo)

By Carol G. Stratton

CHARLOTTE – Mountain Island Hot Yoga opened its door in February with the goal of making yoga less intimidating.
The studio, located inside of Mt. Island Fitness, offers a particularly new trend— hot yoga.
The studio for hot yoga is heated to 107 degrees to enable students to better do stretches they couldn’t do in a cooler room. According to owner Lolli O’Dell, the heat helps students burn more calories and because they do not use a humidifier like other hot yoga studios, students sweat less.
“Once I took a hot yoga class, I was hooked,” O’Dell said.
She trained as a teacher at Melting Point Hot Yoga and taught classes in Huntersville, then enrolled in classes to become a personal trainer. Finally, she went back to her first love.
Mountain Island offers a class called Slow Flow Vinyasa. Teachers demonstrate poses at a more moderate pace for those who are more out of shape or hesitant to try a regular class. The class has been so successful that one of the students has arranged for O’Dell to teach to a group of her co-workers.
O’Dell also wants to reach out to men who tend to be indifferent to yoga, but can also benefit from the practice.
“My husband didn’t want to ever try a class,” she said. “When he finally did, he discovered he felt a lot better. Some of his injuries, which incurred while dirt biking, improved.”
Believing yoga can be just as helpful for the male population, she’s developing a new class slated for athletes called, “Yoga for Athletic Mobility,” as she knows yoga can help prevent injuries in sports.
O’Dell, who owns the studio along with husband Brad and a third party, is convinced everyone can benefit from yoga.
She has found many people learn body awareness after taking classes. She might tell a person to take the arch out of their back but they don’t understand what that means. After a few classes, they are able to automatically feel the correct position.
Mountain Island Hot Yoga offers other types of yoga, such as Pilates, as well as a free class for first-time visitors.
“Many people take the first class and say they feel calmer, more relaxed and ready to start the day,” O’Dell said.

Want to go?
Mountain Island Hot Yoga is located at 10030 Callabridge Court, Charlotte. Details: or 704-547-4933.

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