Letters to the Editor for November

ABC board should rethink

store location


The debate over the ABC store currently under construction provides me with an opportunity to express some opinions on local issues I’ve been meaning to write for some time.

My wife and I have lived in Northwoods since 1990 – back in the pre-Bi-Lo, pre-Walmart, pre-just-about-everything–days, except Cook’s church, Cook’s fire station and the convenience store at Bellhaven Boulevard and Mount Holly-Huntersville Road. In other words, no strip malls or major retail outlets. However, there was a sign hinting at things to come at the southeast corner of N.C. 16 and Mount Holly-Huntersville Road, which proclaimed that a Food Lion and other stores would come to that corner. Well, ironically, 21 years later, that corner of this busy intersection is the only corner that is still vacant, awaiting development.

This suggests a solution to the ABC store debate: that it be built on the southeast corner of Mount Holly-Huntersville Road and N.C. 16. At the same time, with this area lacking many major retailers of various stripes that one has to drive a great distance to patronize – Walgreens, ALDI, Starbucks, Burger King, to name a few – they could be built there as well. It puzzles me why this prime piece of commercial property continues to go undeveloped when it could provide our area with retailers missing from this area.

Finally, a “big picture” question more appropriate for the General Assembly than local zoning boards, and that is why do we need government-owned ABC stores to begin with? What makes liquor so peculiar that it can only be run by a state-run monopoly in North Carolina (and many other states as well)? Why not allow it to be sold by general retailers the way it’s sold 25 miles to the south, which would eliminate the need for ABC stores? Like I said, that’s too big of an issue for a neighborhood, but one worth considering nonetheless.

– Stephen V. Gilmore

Northwood neighborhood

Girl Scouts need your help


I am writing to raise awareness about a challenge we are celebrating at your local Girl Scout Council. Due to a tremendous response from girls in kindergarten through the 12th-grade, we have outpaced our current volunteer base and have 1,000 girls without a designated leader on a wait list. Our local council serves more than 15,000 girls in eight counties in North and South Carolina through our leadership development programs in community building and outreach, environment leadership, STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) and healthy living.

Adult volunteers are imperative for our organization to continue the quality of programming being offered to young women today. Understanding time constraints of work and family commitments, acting as a troop leader or adult volunteer is more flexible than ever. Don’t let more than 1,000 girls who are eager to experience Girl Scouting miss out on the opportunity when we have talented leaders in our communities.

We have opportunities throughout our eight-county footprint, but there are specific needs in Mecklenburg and Union Counties. Please join us as we celebrate the 100th anniversary of Girl Scouts and help continue our mission of building girls of courage, confidence and character who make the world a better place. To learn how you can help, please contact us at  marketing@hngirlscouts.org or 704-731-6500.

– Katherine L. Lambert, Executive Vice President Girl Scout’s, Hornets Nest Council, Charlotte

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