Charter school benefits the community


There has been so much criticism about Mountain Island Charter School recently and the perception that the school does nothing but take from the community. This is just not accurate. I want to address these complaints by reminding people of some of the things that MICS brings to Mount Holly and the surrounding community.

• MICS employs 70 full-time people within the city of Mount Holly. There are several more part-time positions at the school, and the school will be adding several more full-time positions during the next four years as they grow their high school.

• MICS brings an educational alternative to all of Gaston County, as well as surrounding counties. While it is true that not everyone can attend the school, the open positions at the school are filled by random lottery so that every child has a chance, not just children who live in a certain area. The children of MICS are excited to be there, and if you have a chance to visit the campus, you will see that.

• MICS brings business to the community, including after-school programs, the purchase of supplies, catered lunches, T-shirts, awards, facility and equipment rentals and other day-to-day purchases. The construction of its new facility will bring even more business to the area.

• MICS brings community spirit to the area with musicals, plays, sports, art exhibits, grandparent events and even an upcoming Bring Spring 5K run, which is open to everyone in the community.

To say that MICS only takes from the community is not true and not fair. MICS has worked very hard to become a valuable community partner by providing jobs, educational opportunities, local business and community spirit. In my opinion, Mountain Island Charter School has succeeded and become a valuable asset to the community.

– Wendy Sellers, MICS parent,


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