Residents sound off on what bugs them

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Has anyone else noticed how dirty and littered the entrance to Callabridge Landing (Walmart, McDonalds and Chick-fil-A) has become?  What happened to the pride that our community had in the appearance of the entrance?  Where are the maintenance crews who are responsible for the upkeep of this shopping area?

Just the other day, some people took some time to clean up the entrance by pulling all the weeds in the center median, picking up the trash that had greatly accumulated by the medians and sweeping up the area. During the hours it took to clean up the entrance, there were three people who stopped to thank them for their work and one car that handed them a water bottle.

To those four people who took time to notice – THANK YOU – it meant a lot!  And for the others who drove past, oblivious to the cleaning up while still throwing out your cigarette butts, please think twice before littering on the streets!

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