Drivers, let’s act responsibly on the road

By Stephen V. Gilmore

It never stops. What, you ask? The impatience of drivers, and the risk they pose to others and themselves.
Case in point: This past Friday, May 8, about 8:30 a.m., as I was approaching the Brookshire on Pleasant Grove (heading eastbound away from Mountain Island Lake Academy), the signal was turning yellow.
Not wanting to risk it turning red as I was crossing the Brookshire and having plenty of time to do so, I came to a stop. As the signal had turned yellow well in advance of my arrival at the intersection, my coming to a stop should not have caused any panic among drivers following me.
Unfortunately, in the seconds after the signal turned red, one of the drivers following me thought that sitting through one cycle after would take too much of his oh-so-precious time.
So out of nowhere, he passed me on the shoulder to my right, and proceeded to go across all lanes of the Brookshire. Not only did this put him and other drivers at risk, but he did so illegally when the signal was red.
I think I can safely say that it was sheer luck that there was no crash or injury as a result.
This was not an isolated incident.
Just about every day, I – and no doubt other Monitor readers – witness similar actions by impatient drivers that put everyone nearby at risk for a crash and possibly injury or even death.
Unfortunately, the ultimate effect of my words will be preaching to the choir. The drivers who have been put at risk by impatient drivers while immediately identify with me, while the offending drivers will throw their hands up and say “not me!”
Perhaps the only strategy would be to ask those drivers who drive so irresponsibly to ask themselves how they would feel about a driver who drives just as irresponsibly as they do causing a crash in which they were the victim.
It’s the least we can ask for.

Stephen V. Gilmore lives in the Mountain Island area.

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