Summer Camp Coordinator: Completing the Circle

As spring and summer approach, I find myself overjoyed at the thought of this year’s Discovery Place summer camps.

As a child, I spent as many weeks of the summer in camp as possible – science camp, church camp, Girl Scout camp, day camp, overnight camp. You name it, I did it. And when I wasn’t in camp, I was counting down the days until camp would begin.

Camp offered me so many chances to experience the world around me and grow in ways I simply could not do within the comfort of my own home.

Ever curious, I was never satisfied until I had explored everything every camp had to offer. This is why I love to coordinate summer camps at Discovery Place. Every time I see a camper experience something new, express curiosity about science phenomena or make a lasting friendship with another camper, I am taken back to the summers I spent learning and growing.

And I feel a sense of completion. Completion, in that the circle of summer camps has been fulfilled. I was taught by amazing instructors and counselors, only to become one myself, and in turn, inspire wonder in the counselors, scientists and teachers of ­tomorrow.

So, as summer camp registration opens, I encourage you to sign up your child for one of the many amazing camps at Discovery Place to experience the same feelings of wonder, excitement and growth that we all cherish in our youth.

Discovery Place offers summer camps at locations all around Charlotte, and registration for camp is now open to the public. Find more information at the Discovery Place website,, or call 704-372-6261, ext. 300.

Kathryn Thomas is summer camps coordinator for Discovery Place

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